The Archconfraternity today

The original Archconfraternity of Madrid, over the years has maintained its headquarters in the Royal Parish Church of San Ginés, where it continues today.

Currently the Archconfraternity is also organized into prayer choirs of 31 people.

Many years ago, the monthly raffle for the day in which to pray and the image of the Virgin to be visited by each Brother became obsolete.

Thus, when a person enters as a Brother, they are assigned the day of the month in which they will always pray and the Choir to which they belong. Prayers continue to rise for the Brothers of all the Choirs.

And the Virgin to which all the Brothers pray is to the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, Sacred Head of the Archconfraternity.

As of June 2024, there are 7 Choirs. And two Monasteries of the Visitation of Holy Mary (the First in Madrid and the other in Valladolid) whose cloistered Sisters are also part of the Brotherhood. This represents 227 Brothers.

On December 8, 2008, His Holiness Benedict XVI imparted a special apostolic blessing to all the members of the Royal Arch-Confraternity as a pledge of abundant divine graces and invoking the constant protection of the Most Holy Virgin of Beautiful Love.