The Brothers that make up the Royal Archconfraternity of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love accept the following three commitments upon entering the Brotherhood:

First, pray the day of the month that is assigned to us, to the Virgin of Beautiful Love, in our name and in that of all the other brothers to:

  • Honor the Blessed Virgin, so that she receives continual is worship and prayer
  • Intercede for the other Brothers and their spiritual and material needs
  • Petition for marriages, families, youth and for the respect for the lives of unborn children
  • Pray that She attends us on the last day of our life and personally introduces us to God the Father

In addition to the prayer to the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, the Brothers will choose how to pray to our Mother. If possible, you will attend the celebration of the Eucharist or visit the Virgin Mary in a church, although you can also pray from home, choosing the Holy Rosary as a prayer or the prayers that you consider appropriate. On the assigned day, the Brothers will commune with Our Mother and the rest of the Brothers in mind in a special way.

Second: Attend the celebration of the Solemn Feast of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, the last Sunday in May at the Parish Church of San Ginés in Madrid. That day being an occasion of triple encounters: with the Lord, with our Mother and with each other who are brothers in her Arch Confraternity.

Third: Pay a mandatory annual fee, of a voluntary amount. With this economic contribution among all, the devotion of the Blessed Virgin can be maintained in its Chapel of the Church of San Ginés as well as the celebration of its annual Solemn Feast.

From the beginning of the Brotherhood, it was established that the amount of the annual fee would be voluntary so that no person, due to their economic situation, stops receiving the graces that this Archconfraternity has granted by the Church.

Among the Brothers there are people of all ages and there are also entire families, with children of all ages. In the case of babies and young children, it will be the parents who will pray for the youngest Brother on the day assigned to the child, and as he grows up they will invite him to pray to his Mother of Beautiful Love and make him grow in his devotion to Her.

The Archconfraternity is mainly made up of people from Madrid, but also from other places in Spain, who carry this precious devotion to Our Mother to their places of origin.

As of February 2020, the Arch Confraternity is made up of 180 Brotherhoods: grouped into 6 Prayer Choirs and the two Monasteries of the Visitation of Santa María.

The MEDAL OF THE BROTHERHOOD (or the Scapular) is an external sign of double meaning:

On the one hand, it represents the protection and care of the Virgin Mary Our Mother, who always shelters the children who come to her, who with her mantle welcomes us, envelops us in her maternal love, custody and makes us her own. We therefore carry a mark that distinguishes us as your chosen children. It is a symbol of our consecration to Mary and those of us who carry it, we must be aware of this consecration to God and to the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love and be consistent in our thoughts, words and deeds.

And it also represents our fraternity in the Royal Archconfraternity, in the Court of Mary, which unites us in continuous worship of the Virgin and in prayer for all members of the Court of Mary, couples, families, young people and respect for unborn children. Each Brother, carrying a Medal equal to yours, is a brother in Christ and in the Heart of the Virgin, Our Mother of Beautiful Love.

The Brother is awarded the Medal in the annual celebration of the Virgin of Beautiful Love of the year in which they enter, as a formalization of their incorporation to the Court of Mary. After at least five years and as a further step in the devotion and commitment to Our Mother, the Brother may request the Governing Board to impose the Scapular, which will also be held at said annual celebration.