Sacred Head

“… I am the Mother of Beautiful Love, of Holy Fear, of Wisdom and of Holy Hope… and I give myself to my children from all eternity…”

(Ecclesiastes 24, 17-18)

This quote from the Old Testament gave rise to the precious invocation of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, going back to her veneration of the liturgical song in the Byzantine prayer.

Great Saints, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, praise this Advocation of the Virgin in their teachings and writings. It is worth mentioning Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who, in his special devotion to the Blessed Virgin, spoke in a sublime way about the Queen of Heaven, as well as Saint Louis Maria Grignon de Montfort greatly promoting the Marian devotion of his time and in current times in those who follow Our Mother of Beautiful Love, filled with the Holy Spirit acting in all those who confidently approach and give to Her:

Mary is the Mother of Beautiful Love, because she is the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God. And God is Love.

Saint John Paul II said that Mary is the “Mother of the Most Beautiful Love.”

“Beautiful Love is learned above all by praying. Indeed, prayer always involves, to use an expression of Saint Paul, a kind of hiding with Christ in God (Col. 3, 3): Only in this hiding does the Holy Spirit, source of Beautiful Love, act.

I entrust the task of the whole Church to the maternal intercession of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer. She, the Mother of Beautiful Love, will be for the Christians who are heading towards the great jubilee of the Third Millennium, the Star that safely guides their steps to meet the Lord.

The humble girl of Nazareth, who, two thousand years ago, offered the incarnate Word to the world, guide humanity today towards the One who is the True Light, the one who enlightens every man (Jn. 1,9) ”(Saint John Paul II).

Mother of Beautiful Love, Mother of Holy Fear.

Holy Fear is the fear of offending God and being separated from Him. The Virgin Mary had the gift of the Holy Fear of God in the highest degree. For this reason, the safest way not to get away from the Lord is to go to the protection of Our Lady, our Mother of Beautiful Love and the Holy Fear of God.

Mother of Beautiful Love, Mother of Wisdom.

The Incarnation of the Word illuminated the soul of Mary: God dwelt among us hidden in her womb. The Holy Spirit, Spirit of Wisdom, illuminated and transfigured everything in Her: expanding all the horizons of Mary according to the horizons of God. The designs of God were carried out and are currently carried out, before her eyes in a very high vision and Wisdom. The Holy Spirit, her Spouse, before the “yes” of Mary, her total surrender and service to the Lord, has never abandoned her, the Spirit of Wisdom remaining in her.

Mother of Beautiful Love, Mother of Holy Hope.

“Blessed are you who believed! Because what the Lord told you will come true.” (Luke 1:45)
Mother of Faith and Hope, your blind faith in the Lord led you to believe the wonder that the Archangel Gabriel announced would take place: and the Word became flesh. And your hope of having him in your arms is ours of having him always by our side: Mother of Holy Hope who helps us, spurs us on and encourages us to continue with our trust in the Lord, to believe against all hope.