History of Devotion

In mid-May 1839, in a private home in Madrid, where several people gathered to present the Blessed Virgin with the extended devotion of the Flowers or Month of Mary, a Jesuit, Father Ramón García Leal, was invited, who, at the request of the ladies of the house and of several friends, was in charge of directing the songs and gifts that were made in said flowers for the remainder of the month.

One of the gifts that he prescribed for the flower raffle that was held the next day was to visit an image of Mary that was most venerated among the many that were in Madrid.

In the last days of the month, Father Ramón G. Leal encouraged those devotees of Mary not to limit these gifts only to the month of May and proposed to them the idea that he had conceived, by inspiration of the Blessed Virgin, of forming an Association in which each day one of the associates, according to their luck, will visit on behalf of all, the image of Mary that will be assigned to them by lottery.

This thought was welcomed with great pleasure by more than twenty people who instantly joined and organized so that from the beginning of June of said year, the great Queen of the Universe would be rewarded and venerated on the day of the month and to the image to each one who would be lucky.

The news of such a simple and profitable devotion reached the friends of those who met in that house and at that moment they also wanted to be part of the association, and passing from one to another, their number grew so much that after two or three months there were already hundreds of people. Among them were also many priests and nuns.

This increase in associates forced Father Ramón G. Leal to divide said Association into Choirs and organize their functioning in a coordinated and homogeneous way.