Join our Archconfraternity!

If you are baptised in the Catholic faith, you have a great love and devotion to the Holy Virgin Mary and you wat to form part of the Court that gives her continuous worship, as well as to pray for marriages, families, young people and the respect for the lives of unborn babies…

Download the application form and begin the process:

Then send it, appropriately completed, by email to or by post to:

                             Archicofradía Virgen del Amor Hermoso

                             Iglesia Parroquial de San Ginés

                             C/ Arenal, 13

                             28013 Madrid

Entry is conditional on its approval by the Governing Board, in accordance with the Statutes of the Archconfraternity (Chapter III, paragraph 2).

Once we notify you of your incorporation into the Archconfraternity, you must pay the corresponding annual fee (voluntary amount) in the account that will be indicated.

And to formalize your incorporation into our Archconfraternity, you will be awarded the ‘Brotherhood Medal’ at the Annual Celebration in honour of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love that is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of May.

All the Brothers and especially Our Mother will welcome you!