Salutation from the Elder Brother

“My dear Brothers, devotees of our Virgen Madre del Amore Hermoso and also to you who are reading these lines for Providence,

I welcome you to this web page in which we open our Archconfraternity to the world to share with everyone our great love for Our Lady, to make this precious devotion known and to invite other people to join us.

We want to transmit the story of the devotion to the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love that arose in Madrid, share everything that surrounds our Sacred Head and encourage the deepening of the prayer brotherhood that is our Archconfraternity.

Visiting the different pages of the web, you can also keep up to date with our news, meet the members of the Governing Board and consult the details of our regulations in the Statutes of the Archconfraternity.

This Association, founded in 1839, quickly spread throughout Spain and many other countries and we aspire to gradually complete the vision of the expansion of this devotion and of all those who have embraced its protection, sheltering ourselves under the mantle of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love. From here I encourage you to contact us and together build this network of love towards the One who is the Mother of Love.

I take this opportunity to thank the previous Governing Board and the former Parish Priest of San Ginés, Mr. José Luis Montes, for the great work carried out in the Archconfraternity for three decades. His great devotion and love to the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love have ensured that his love, work and dedication to this Arch Confraternity have made him endure, improve and advance in time to honour the Queen of Heaven as She deserves.

I invite all of you to share and promote devotion to our beloved Mother of Beautiful Love with your family, friends and people close to you, so that we bring a large number of her dear children to Her.

We remain united in prayer around her, who continues to accompany us and illuminate our lives.

I send you all a loving hug.”

Mª Eulalia Martín Rodríguez

President of the Royal Archconfraternity of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love in Madrid