– May 23rd.  2022 –

Since last year, the Governing Board has carried out inquiries into old files and documents in order to formally recover the name of this Archconfraternity.

In March 2023, the Archbishopric of Madrid has given the go-ahead to the change of name from the “Royal Archconfraternity of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, Court of Mary” to its previous and historic name:

“Royal and Illustrious and Primitive Archconfraternity of the Court of Mary, Queen of All Saints and Mother of Beautiful Love”

This name highlights the characteristic of “Primitive”, and how it spread throughout Spain, being the origin of many current Brotherhoods scattered throughout our country.

The recovery of our historical name does not detract from the most relevant aspect of our Archconfraternity, which is the fact that since its founding in 1839 it has endured over time with the same initial charisma with which it was founded: to be the Court of Mary and give her continuous worship as our Queen.