– Sep. 711h.  2023 –

On Friday, September 8th., we joined, as in previous years, in the Cathedral with the Royal Slavery of Almudena and other Marian Confraternities in the celebration of the Nativity of our dear Mother.

The ceremony began with the beautiful parade of the banners of the Confraternities present to the feet of the Virgin of Almudena. The reverence and affection with which the corridors of the Cathedral were walked was a sample of what each of us present carried in our hearts.

The Dean of the Cathedral, Mr. Jorge Ávila, presided over the Eucharist. In which he stressed to us that the Virgin always exhorts us to “do what He tells us” and the importance of being in that disposition. By being close to Mary, She clears the way for us to reach Him and helps us know what He asks us to do.

After finishing the Eucharist and singing together the hymn of La Virgen de la Almudena, surrounded by the majestic chords of the Cathedral organ, we met as in previous years, happy to have been able to share this beautiful meeting in honor of our dear Mother of Heaven.