– 3 June 2021 –

A large group of Brothers have joined the Royal Arch Confraternity of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love at the end of 2019, during 2020 and in the first months of this year 2021. Last year, due to the Covid19 pandemic, the Medals could not be imposed, so a total of 22 new Brothers have received the imposition of their Medal at this year’s Annual Celebration (some of them in the attached photograph).

Twelve of them belong to the Mary Mother of Beautiful Love Parish of Villaverde Bajo, among which is its Parish Priest Mr. Carlos González Paniagua. Our dear Mother of Beautiful Love has joined this Parish and the Royal Arch Confraternity by by sharing our devotion to our beloved Mother of Beautiful Love.

Mrs. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid joined us last February. We are sure that the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love will bless and protect her, so that these blessings of the Virgin reach each of the people of Madrid and this our beloved land of the Community of Madrid.

Our Mother has attracted each of the new Brothers by very different paths to this Royal Arch Confraternity. And it makes us very happy to see that the Virgin Mary is helping this Confraternity of prayer to continue to grow, pray and ask her intercession for all her dear children: families, marriages, young people and children at risk of being aborted. These are issues that fully affect the current society in which we live and for which we ask a special intercession to our Mother in Heaven.