– June 7th.  2023 –

In May, the Official Chronicler of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Mrs. María Esperanza Morón, contacted our Brotherhood to highlight the old Confraternity of the Virgin of Beautiful Love that once existed in Pozuelo.

On May 20 Dª Eulalia Martín attended as President to their “Feast of Viejas” in Pozuelo in the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady. The aforementioned old Confraternity had its headquarters in this church and its image of the Virgin of Beautiful Love is preserved there today, and honored in this “Festival of Viejas”.

In this feast women go to the church dressed in manila shawls, as they did traditionally and honor the Virgin, with music, a procession and dances. This beautiful tradition continues to be maintained in the present. We hope to collaborate to reestablish the old Pozuelo Confraternity again.