Funeral for our Brothers

- 13 Nov 2020 - On Friday, November 13th. at 7:00 pm. the Parish of San Ginés has celebrated a solemn funeral for all the Brothers who died this year 2020 and belonging to any of the Confraternities based in San Ginés, as well as for the parishioners who have also been called to the presence of the Lord. Two Brothers of our Arch Confraternity set out this year for Heaven. Both in early April. May the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, whom we ask each day to personally introduce us to the Father at the hour of our death, have accompanied you as Heavenly Advocate. R.I.P.

Articles of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love

- 03 Oct 2020 - We have several objects of our Confraternity to always carry, in addition to in the heart, very close to our Mother: a bracelet, two types of medal and a keychain with the image of Our beloved Mother of Beautiful Love in relief. The medals and the bracelet have on the back the name of our Virgin "Mother of Beautiful Love" as well as our emblem and name "Court of Mary" (size: 25 x 22 mm) On the keychain, together with Our Lady of Beautiful Love, we have the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is made with an old medal as a mould, which gives the key ring a very special contour shape (size: 38 x 35 mm) All items are made of an alloy with 15 microns of silver. Contact us if you are interested in acquiring any of them.

At the feet of our Mother of Beautiful Love

- 12 Jul 2020 - Today, as the second Sunday of the month, our dear Mother of Beautiful Love has had her special mention in the Eucharist at 12 o’clock in San Ginés. Although we have not met as a group of Brothers as we used to do, as President and one more Brother, I have placed you all at Her feet and entrusted you and your families to her maternal and loving care, as well as our Brothers who have passed away in the pandemic and those affected by COVID19. Sanitary precautions and caution make us behave in a different way, but spiritually, we are closer than ever to Her and to each other. Walking by her hand we feel safe and strengthened in faith and hope. Little by little, and as prudence advises us, we will meet again at the Eucharist on the second Sunday of the month [...]

Annual Celebration of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love

- 1 Jun 2020 - On Sunday May 31 we celebrate the annual feast of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love. This year, due to the exceptional health alert situation due to the Covid19 pandemic, the traditional Solemn Eucharist has not been celebrated in the Royal Parish Church of San Ginés in Madrid around our Sacred Head, due to formal restrictions and prudence as we have been shown. But even so, all of us Brothers have felt very spiritually united to Our Mother of Beautiful Love and also to each other, sharing this great love and devotion for Her. Our Mother loves us like this this year, and knows that she always has us by her side and generously willing to build, with her and her Son, the Kingdom of God. We have raised a special prayer for the Brothers who passed away this year, as well as for the [...]

Visit to the parish of María Mother of Beautiful Love in Villaverde

- Jan 26 2020 - On Sunday, January 26, a representation of our Archconfraternity visited the Parish of María Mother of Beautiful Love in Villaverde Bajo, invited by its Parish Priest, Carlos González Paniagua. We have shared with the attendees the history and spirit of our Archconfraternity, inviting everyone to join us also under the maternal mantle of our Sacred Head, as has recently been done by her Parish Priest. We hope that this first contact is the beginning of a journey together since it is Mary, in her invocation as Mother of Beautiful Love, who unites us in a special way by presiding over her Parish and our Brotherhood.

Mass on the second Sunday of each month

- Jan 12 2020 - Every second Sunday of the month, the Parish of San Ginés honours, in a special way at the 12 o’clock mass, the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, and ends with the prayer of the Salve in her chapel. On Sunday, January 12, it was very nice to meet and begin this new year 2020 by joining together at the feet of our beloved Mother of Beautiful Love. We invite all of you to attend the celebration of the Eucharist at 12 o’clock every second Sunday of the month, and wear our medal as a sign of belonging to our Archiconfraternity, and ultimately to Our Mother.

Celebration in the Almudena Cathedral

- 09 Sep 2019 - On Sunday September 9, a group of Brothers of our Archconfraternity attended the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid on the occasion of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and the celebration of the annual celebration of the Royal Slavery Brotherhood of La Almudena. The celebration of the Eucharist was very endearing and moving for all of us present who were lovingly accompanying Our Lady. More than 170 of the Brothers from Madrid and the surrounding towns were present, and our precious banner of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love was paraded along with the banners of all the other Confraternities. The Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, His Eminence Mr. D. Carlos Osoro, who invited all of us present, remembering the words of the Virgin Mary "here is the handmaid of the Lord" to imitate her by putting our Lord in the first place of our lives. At [...]

Modification of the statutes of the Archconfraternity

- Jun 29 2019 - The Brothers gathered in an Extraordinary General Assembly on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 11:30 a.m., and again for a second meeting at 12:00 a.m. The amendments to the Archconfraternity Statutes were unanimously approved, which is thus elevated to Public Association of the faithful. Two vacant positions were filled and the requests and questions of those present were processed.

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