– May 30th.  2023 –

Since last year, the Governing Board has carried out inquiries into old files and documents in order to formally recover the name of this Archconfraternity.

On May 28th., the last Sunday of the month dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Annual Feast of the Royal Archconfraternity was held in the church of San Ginés. The Medal was imposed and formally welcomed to the 18 people who throughout the year have joined the Court of Mary. Among them the four children in the attached photograph. This year our Brotherhood has extended to Italy by the membership of three people residing in Rome, whom our Mother of Beautiful Love has brought here.

It was a celebration marked by the joy that brothers feel when they gather around their Mother. We could feel her motherly presence and her happiness in having us together there in her honor.

We are already counting down the days to celebrate the next Annual Party in 2024! And we know that until that day, our Mother of Beautiful Love accompanies us at all times, and personally blesses each one of us, happy to have us all united in prayer to Her every day of the year.