– 30 May 2022 –

On May 29th., the last Sunday of the month dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Annual Feast of the Royal Archconfraternity was celebrated in the church of San Ginés. And through the imposition of the Medal, the six new Brothers who have joined the Royal Archconfraternity throughout the year have been formally welcomed (three of them in the attached photograph).

It is a joy, and our dear Mother of Beautiful Love lives it this way from Heaven, to see that her Archconfraternity grows and meets annually, with a peaceful joy that is noted every year on the day of the Celebration in her Honor.

She knows each one of us personally, and with all her love She blesses us for having us all united in prayer to Her every day of the year.

On May 31st., the day of the Virgin Mother of Beautiful Love, we begin a new countdown for next year to meet again the Court of Mary.